CSTA 2017 Practice Examinations

During 2017 the range of CSTA examinations,will be restricted to L1 Science and L2 Biology, as follows:


Science Level 1 ‘Externals’

  • AS 90940
  • Demonstrate understanding of aspects of mechanics
  • AS 90944
  • Demonstrate understanding of aspects of acids and bases
  • AS 90948
  • Demonstrate understanding of biological ideas relating to genetic variation


Biology Level 2 ‘Externals’

  • AS 91156
  • Demonstrate understanding of life processes at the cellular level
  • AS 91157
  • Demonstrate understanding of genetic variation and change
  • AS 91159
  • Demonstrate understanding of gene expression


Ordering and payment

All orders must come by an email from the delivery address to avoid transposition , entry, reading and writing errors.  We do ALL deliveries via email and all payments by bank transfer.


When an order is received we send a confirmation email immediately so the school knows the order has been received and will be actioned when payment is confirmed and the papers are ready.


For those who do not pay in advance or order later it is important that their bank transfer is confirmed by emailing the remittance advice generated by the bank upon transfer of payment as I may not see the bank records for a month.


CSTA Exam Order 2017.docx


CSTA Exam Order 2017.pdf


The CSTA and its writers continue attempt to reflect the trends of the national examinations,  as well as heed teacher feed back, to continually improve these examinations.


Peter van Leeuwen (for CSTA Exams)




v.Beta  08 Oct 2017

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