Committee Meetings 2019

Committee meetings are (usually) held on the second Thursday of the month, except during school holidays.


Next Meeting:

Thursday 11 April 2019  at 5.00 pm in the Cashmere High Board Room (right by the staff car park).

Office Holders 2019



Jenna Wilson

Cashmere High School


Senior Vice President: 2019



Junior Vice President:

Remco Barrs

Riccarton High School



Rachael Patterson

Christchurch Boys High School



Marianne Daines

Avonside Girls High School


IT Coordinator & Database Manager

Donald Reid

Information Matters Ltd


Science Fair Liaison 2019

Michelle Snyder-Bishop


 Committee Members 2019


  • David Winter (University of Canterbury)
  • Helen Jordan (Hillmorton High).Technicians Representative
  • Miranda Satterthwaite (International Antarctic Centre)
  • Lindis Chetwynd (Hagley Community College)
  • Maree O'Boyle (University of Canterbury)
  • Michelle Synder-Bishop (Hillmorton High). Also Science Fair Liaison
  • Jason Aaron (Christchurch Girls High School)
  • Jietong Xing (Avonside Girls High School)
  • Manu Somerville (Hagley College)
  • Matt Kippenberger (Riccarton High School)
  • Jayne Abernthy (Hornby High School)
  • Carolyn Green (Hagley College)
  • Rachael Patterson (Christchurch Boys High School)
  • Teacher in Training Rep. Tba


Version April 2019



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Canterbury Science Teachers Association
Canterbury Science Teachers Association