Temple  Basin - a unique insight into the alpine world.

Temple Basin lies above Arthurs Pass and straddles the boundary between the east and west of the Southern Alps.


Live webcams of Temple Basin and Arthurs Pass


Its unique alpine environment provides a popular, dramatic and compelling insight into New Zealand’s alpine environment - so much so that for 50 years many Cantabrians and ‘Coasters have had their ecological views and values moulded by school trips and personal visits to the comfortable facilities available here.

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Temple Basin,

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Do your students prefer practical work ?

In 1976 the Ministry of Education published and distributed (gratis) a set of practical tasks, which  Biology students should complete. This was in response to the fact that Biology was identified as a highly practical subject and hands-on lab' activities were seen as a powerful learning strategy.


Of the approximately 80 practicals, Y12 students nationwide were expected to have completed at least 25% of them ... one or two per week.


The format now makes them look a tad dated and a few practicals are (sadly) no longer allowed (eg inspecting a drop of your own blood), however the tasks themselves and the standard of thinking required of students remain superb for this level.


We have a lot to thank our earlier colleagues for.


Originals of this resource will still be in many schools ...



Y12 Biology Practicals 1976


(22 Mb. Pdf format. Not searchable)


Version April 2019



Canterbury Science Teachers Association
Canterbury Science Teachers Association
Canterbury Science Teachers Association