Rutherford’s Den ... like a preview ?

Rutherford’s Den Education is excited to open up their bookings for Term 3 – week 3 onwards and Term 4 for 2017. Get in quick to avoid disappointment as these bookings can fill up fast.

Caroline Fenton

Mb 022 398 3495

Clock Tower,  2 Worcester Boulevard.


LEARNZ is free for NZ Teachers and their classes., sohave a look at the planned virtual field trips for 2017 at


The online field trips mainly target Primary and Secondary school Science. Now there is an enhanced emphasis on the Nature of Science and also more support for Numeracy and Literacy.


Use the LEARNZ field trip chooser to see what is available for your subject.  Website

The Science Learning Hub

Have you seen their latest resources ?

Trending now are:

  • Ocean acidification and eggshells
  • Refraction of light
  • Colours of light
  • Characteristics of living things
  • Curated resources on Human Evolution.

WaterWatch 2020

WaterWatch is a free environmental education programme for schools, farming and community groups in Canterbury.

Our trained educators engage people in assessing the health of their local waterways using interactive, hands-on activities in the outdoors. Our testing methods are safe, environmentally-friendly and scientifically-robust.


Our main activities are with classes from Years 7 to 11, and the programme can be tailored to the specific needs and year level of the group, especially students undertaking NCEA achievement standards.


See our web site for more information and contact details.


Dr Errol Wood

Trustee and Educator

Waterwatch Education Trust


The Crest Awards

CREST is an international awards scheme designed to encourage years 0-13 students to be innovative, creative, and to problem solve in science, technology and environmental studies.

More ...

The Science Award Trust

The Science Awards schemes are administered by the Science Award Trust which is based in Christchurch. It was established in 1985. The trust is a voluntary organisation which aims to stimulate student interest in science and technology through participation in a science award scheme.

If you are interested in getting involved in helping run the nationally successful Science Badge and Science Certificate programmes, or just interested in knowing more about it, the Science Award Trust see:

or telephone Sue Jarvis on 329 5858

Open Access in Aotearoa

Moves are being made towards open access to scholarly publishing in the UK, the EU, USA, Australia and NZ.

To this end, Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand is hosting a series of posts on the theme of free Open Access  to publicly funded scholarly research.

You may be particularly interested in the Education Portal where  access to education is easy and universal when educators and learners use  the Creative Commons licenses to share and collaboratively build textbooks, lectures and lesson plans.

Educational Portal

University of Canterbury's Outreach Programme 2018

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Canterbury Science Teachers Association
Canterbury Science Teachers Association
Canterbury Science Teachers Association
Canterbury Science Teachers Association