The Great Annual CSTA Mid-Winter Quiz Returns


Venue: The International  Antarctic Centre

When: Friday 26 July from 6.00 – 9.30pm.

Teams: Teams are of four, made up of any combination of teachers, friends and family - but with at least one teacher per team.

Each team is to have their own unique name, which must be provided at the time of registration (below)

A school may enter more than one team. Those with an 'individual CSTA membership' are also encouraged to enter a team.


Topics: Questions will be both diverse and entertaining. They are likely to include the conventional, frivolous, humorous, topical, historic and irreverent aspects of any science.


Refreshments: There will be Pizza (tbc) as well as  snacks and beverages. Teams are also welcome to bring their own snacks drinks.


Registration: Simply email Jenna Wilson with your team's name now (not a list of participants) , using your school email account.

Updated: 17 June


 CSTA Subscriptions 2019 ... have you paid?

The committee is pleased to announce that subs' for 2019 remain as in 2018, meaning a decade of consistency has been achieved.


Details and costs can be found here or by using the link below


1. The period for which the annual subscription applies is 1 January to 31 December  - something which requires the committee to set the fees each November, for the following year.

The purpose of a November decision is to allow members to know subscriptions costs  at the very start of the school year, and make payments at this time - rather than wait to the first committee meeting after the AGM. Pay your sub now.


2. Invoicing of schools (by email) for CSTA 2019 subscriptions is now underway. Consequently schools will receive an invoice in February.


The committee anticipates that the above will significantly assist schools and individuals to support the CSTA through their subscriptions, and allow the continuation of the professional sharing of science ideas, pedagogy and resources that are the ethos of this Incorporated Society.


Rita, as in Ritalin.


Version April 2019



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Canterbury Science Teachers Association
Canterbury Science Teachers Association
Canterbury Science Teachers Association